Great! You found her.. Now keep her!

couple dinner blurredYou ran into her, you both felt it, there’s been that period of uncertainty and then the first kiss – Ecstatic! Time flies, how do you make sure you keep her?

That first sparkling period of overwhelming novelty is a great opportunity for you to get to know your girlfriend – It might sound trivial but it’s key! It’s amazing to just live along and let things flow but you’d have a big come-down after a while if you didn’t pay attention to who she is. You don’t want to find yourself sitting with her after a good couple of months, realising that you both just enjoyed the novelty and think you’ve been incompatible all along, do you? Get to know her, truly, and you’ll fall in love with her, and she’ll do the same.

Now this insight came to me after a while, years probably. It’s worthless without one additional piece of information: You have to adapt, compromise! Most people don’t realise that entering a relationship requires two components:
1) Not giving up who you are and
2) Adapting to your partner.

Not changing your character is important for you to be happy in the long run and not find yourself with a feeling of remorse of having “given up so much for this relationship”.
Being able to compromise for your partner shows her that you care for her, shows that you care to put effort into the relationship and will eventually make you happier because she is happier.

Now what do I mean by compromise? It’s all about the little things, develop a feeling for things she doesn’t like or particularly does. It could be anything from her putting down the toilet seat every time after you left the bathroom, her place being a lot longer commute than yours but you still go just as often to hers as to  yours etc.
And how are these two at all possible together – Not changing yourself and adapting to her? Don’t compromise on who you are but on how you behave in the relationship. She wants you, no one else, and she doesn’t want you to change. You can easily show her how much you care for her if you make the extra step.